The ACFE strives to provide the highest quality training events for anti-fraud professionals at all levels of experience. Get the support and education you need to effectively fight fraud by attending ACFE seminars and conferences held in cities around the world. Explore the Training and Events section of the ACFE website for training opportunities to sharpen your skills and learn new anti-fraud techniques. 

ACFE HK Yearly Training Plan

Every year we offer our members at least 20 hours of live training through our Quarterly Meetings and our special "Investigations Training" course.  We shall also explore opportunities to hold joint events with other professional organizations with a view to enhance the breadth and depth of our training programmes.

All of our training will earn CPE points for our certified members, and all will be relevant for both student and certified members.

Each quarter we will arrange a two-hour breakfast meeting (earning 2 CPE points per meeting), and around May we will arrange an "Investigations" training course (earning 12 CPE points). 

There will also be an "Ethics" themed session to help certified members meet the new ACFE training obligation that 2 CPE hours must relate directly to ethics. Details of recertification requirements are available at this US ACFE link.

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Quarterly Meetings

Members tell us that our breakfast meetings offer them the best forum for receiving training. Each quarter we will invite speakers to present on a topic that will assist Associate members in understanding more about fraud investigation and prevention, and broaden the knowledge of our certified members in local and international fraud topics.

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Investigations Training

ACFE HK is proud to offer an expanded investigations training course for our members, and those interested in fraud examination. Our presentations will be made in the Hong Kong University Campus, and each participant will receive a certificate recording attendance endorsed by Hong Kong University.

This is a two level course intended for Hong Kong based financial services, risk management, accounting and loss management professionals intending to pursue studies in fraud investigations, and those already involved in Hong Kong based fraud investigations wishing to further their knowledge of the subject.  Both Foundation and Advanced courses will offer CPE points:

  • Foundation level intended for Hong Kong based Associate Certified Fraud Examiner's (CFEs) studying towards their CPE qualification.  Associate CFEs are expected to pass an examination set and administered by the parent Association in America before they can use the title "Certified Fraud Examiner".  This course will take place around May every year.
  • Advanced level for qualified CFEs who wish to further their knowledge of fraud investigation in the context of Hong Kong Law and investigations practices.  To retain their certification qualified CFEs are required to obtain 20 hours of training per year to gather 20 "Continued Professional Education" (CPE) points.  This course will take place around September every year. 

Details will be published around May for the Foundation level and August for the Advanced level every year.

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If you are interested in the training activities of ACFE HK, please write to: