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Membership Policy

  1. Anybody who wishes to become a member of ACFE HK must be a valid member of ACFE first.  Details of how to join ACFE can be found at www.acfe.com.
    An ACFE member who wishes to join ACFE HK may apply online or use the downloadable Membership Application Form.
  2. If, for any reason, a member's ACFE membership has become invalid, his/her membership with ACFE HK will also become invalid.
  3. If, for any reason, a member does not want to continue his/her membership with ACFE HK, he/she must inform ACFE HK in writing in order for his/her personal particulars to be removed from the records of ACFE HK.
  4. ACFE HK is run by a Board of not more than 15 members elected at the AGM of ACFE HK each year.   Only CFEs may become Board members of ACFE HK.  Only CFEs have voting rights at the AGM of ACFE HK. 

ACFE HK Membership Category & Annual Fees

Category Annual Fees
 CFE waived
 Associate  waived

Applying for ACFE HK Membership

You may submit your ACFE HK Membership Application by completing the online form below.  If you have questions about ACFE HK membership, please write to admin@hkacfe.com.

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